Adair Lyden

Lyden's Life Lessons: Getting Real with Ourselves (and Our Emotions) Adair Lyden Mar 15, 2016

Cue the sad violin music; hear the broken record play. I'm going to be quite honest with you right now: I feel awful writing sob stories week after week. While these articles have been filled with life lessons, I am sick of them. I want to write a success story, not a sob story. And what's ironic about this week is that my "sob" story is one without the sobs -- and that's the issue.

Lyden's Life Lessons: No Excuses = No Regrets Adair Lyden Mar 10, 2016

We all do it. Whether we express them internally or verbally or both, we all make excuses. Excuses for why we didn't perform up to the ability that we know we can -- excuses for why we failed to follow through. We seek to justify our performance, rather than take ownership of our faults.

Lyden's Life Lessons: Heart Adair Lyden Nov 3, 2015

Happy State Meet week! Originally, when I tried to write this article I struggled with finding inspiration -- to relate to you all through running. When it hit me -- you all are my inspiration. So, this week, I have one lesson, one thing, one way of life to talk about. Heart.

Lyden's Life Lessons: Why? Adair Lyden Oct 26, 2015

Why? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? We have all cried out "Why?" at some point in our lives -- and if you haven't, may I ask what's your secret? We want to know answers; we want to be prepared -- to know it all and why it happened.

Lyden’s Life Lessons -- Acting on (Your Own) Advice Adair Lyden Oct 20, 2015

Have you ever felt stress to the point that it feels like you're breathing through a straw, gasping for air That was me before the start of the Metro Conference meet this past Wednesday. Throughout the entire day, I was somewhat agitated and frustrated just with the simple things because it was my SAT test day and race day and everything else rolled into one.

Lyden's Life Lessons - Dwell Vs. Dream Adair Lyden Oct 12, 2015

I like to compare my running journey to a long run on the 10-mile clay trail at Clermont in Central Florida. Just like a long run, my journey has its ups, downs, unexpected turns, dark moments, the moment when the sun shines, and a finish line -- one I cannot see. Right now I would say I am at "mile 7" in my high school running journey.

Lyden's Life Lessons - Run For Betty Adair Lyden Oct 6, 2015

This weekend Adair Lyden and her Lake Nona teammates headed to Tallahassee for the FSU Pre-State Invitational, but they weren't racing this meet just for themselves. See what she has to say about their "Run For Betty".

Lyden's Life Lessons - Be Brave Adair Lyden Sep 29, 2015

I hope you all are enjoying your cross-country season! The 2015 season is well underway and we are now getting into the "big" races. This part of the season leaves no room for error, and as I like to say, a bad race is never a bad race if you learn from it. Boy, did I learn something this weekend.

Lyden's Life Lessons - That Little Voice Adair Lyden Sep 7, 2015

Have you ever heard the saying that cross-country is a mental sport, and we are all insane? That has to be one of the most accurate sayings of all time! Racing is mental, and in a 3.1 mile race, it's insane how many mental battles we face. Adair Lyden tackles that little voice in her latest blog!

Lyden's Life Lessons - Define The 'Uniform Adair Lyden Aug 31, 2015

Well if it hasn't hit you yet, the 2015 cross-country season is officially under way. For me, this past Saturday would be the last first time I would put on my Nona cross-country uniform. There is always something special about putting on your uniform.

Lyden's Life Lessons - Our Biggest Bully Adair Lyden Aug 23, 2015

Hi! My name is Adair Lyden, a senior at Lake Nona high school. I have been running for seven years now and, over the course of my running career, have developed a deep love for running. While on my journey, I have experienced great hardships. And through the process, I am learning to find myself. Join me in discovering all of the life lessons that can be found in running -- and applying them to different aspects of our lives, so that we not only become successful runners but successful people, as well.

Adair Lyden: Defeating Doubt Adair Lyden Mar 31, 2015

The adrenaline of leading the race, the excitement of the crowd cheering your name is suddenly ripped away. You drop place after place, slowing to what feels like a crawl. The pain overwhelms you. Tear after tear, stride after stride, the two become synchronous.

Recover the Reason for Running Adair Lyden Nov 13, 2014

Why do you run?  This is question most runners get because the general population does not understand why we would push our bodies and minds to the absolute breaking point everyday.