Pierre's Cortney Dowling sets South Dakota state track meet on fire

Pierre's Cortney Dowling sets South Dakota state track meet on fire

Rich Winter

     The South Dakota state track meet has been over for a few hours, but the tr.ack is still on fire as Pierre athlete Cortney Dowling set an all time state record in the 400 meters.

     Dowling, who clocked an 11.8h 100 meters earlier in the season, won the AA, 100 meters with a 12.15.

      Dowling won a state title at 200 meters when she ran a 25.37. In the prelims on Friday, Dowling set an all-time South Dakota best when she burned out a 24.67.

     You will have to excuse that pedestrian 200 meter time in the final, it was her 7th race in two days.

     It was the 400 meters at today's meet in Sioux Falls that is going to have the track and field world in South Dakota buzzing for a minute. 

     Dowling, a sophomore, broke Jill Theeler's meet record in the 400 meters. Theeler, from Mitchell had the record at 55.49 from 1996 but Dowling lowered that record to 55.11

     Gotta hand it to Sturgis athlete, Brooke Ireland.  Ireland pushed Dowling to the record by clocking a 55.77, one of the top times in South Dakota history.

     Great meet for Pierre, who ended up in third place, but Dowling really announced her presence with some signature moments. 

    I like her speed and I like her range. She entered the meet with a 2:16 personal best in the 800 meters (but did not run that particular race).

    Anyone who can run an 11.8 100 is gonna be a solid collegiate runner when they gain the fitness level for that race. 

    Very special performances this weekend. 

Photo by Kernit Grimshaw