MileSplit S.D. Elite Series: The Ipswich Trio (Heinz, Moore, Loken)

What kind of shape are you in heading into the State Meet?

HEINZ: I feel like I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. I have a great coach and teammates to push me every day.

MOORE: I feel like Coach Thorson has put me into the best shape of my life.

LOKEN: I think I am peaking at the right time and that I am ready to run my personal best at State.


How did your track season go last spring? What were your best times, places or races?

HEINZ: We won the team title. Our girls scored 116 points. I placed first in state in four events and had a personal best in the 400 and 800.

MOORE: My track season went better than I planned. My best time was 11:22 in the 2 mile at the State Meet.

LOKEN: The team had a great year. We had a lot of talent and they all performed well at the state meet. Winning the 4x800 relay at State was the highlight of the year for me.


What are your goals for the State Meet and into the Post-Season?

HEINZ: I want to run my best time, and I want to run better than last year. After the season I want to continue training, working on mileage and speed for track.

MOORE: My individual goal is to place first at the State Meet, and my team goals are to win the girls team title, the combined title, and our boys to place in the top four as a team.

LOKEN:  To place in the top 5 and run my personal best.


Where do you see your team placing this season?

HEINZ: Our girls should place first as long as we race well. I have a great group of girls on my team. We have 3 new 7th graders who have contributed to the team along with the high school girls this year.

MOORE: I think that we have a good chance at winning, because of all the hard work we have put in.

LOKEN: We are hoping to win a state title.


What did your summer training look like?

HEINZ: This summer we worked a lot on my mileage training and working on my long runs.

MOORE: I ran a couple days a week, but I barefoot water skiied a lot all summer.

LOKEN: I did not run as much as I should of but I felt like I was in good shape to start the year.


Who do you see as the top individuals in the state (either class, AA, A or B)?

HEINZ: Our goal is to have 3 girls in the top 5, and 4 in the top ten along with Gayville-Volin. In class AA Rapid City has a good girls teams, and class A Redfield and Madison have good teams this year as well.

MOORE: I think that Gorman is the top runner for AA, I also think Schmidt for A, and Macy Heinz for B

LOKEN: Tamara Gorman from Rapid City Stevens, Nicolette Schmidt from Redfield, Laura Nelson from Gayville- Volin, Genevieve Clark from Gayville-Volin and of course Macy Heinz and Tori Moore from Ipswich.


What are your favorite workouts?

HEINZ: My favorite workout is the 12x400 workout.

MOORE: Fast, Hard Mileage

LOKEN: I like to do fartlek runs.


What is your favorite pre-race: Meal? Music? Routine?

HEINZ: I make sure to get plenty of sleep and I usually eat pasta and meat. I go through my race strategy a few times.

MOORE: For supper the night before I eat steak or pasta. For breakfast my mom makes me cream of wheat. For a Routine, we always warm up as a team and then we say a prayer together, and we do a chant together.

LOKEN: I always eat steak and mashed potatoes and cheese broccoli. As far as music or routine I like to just focus on the coaches racing strategy and follow it no matter what.


Favorite music, bands?

HEINZ: I enjoy country music. Florida Georgia Line, Lady Antebellum.

MOORE: My favorite music is country, and my favorite bands are Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, and Miranda Lambert.

LOKEN: Country


Favorite subject in school?

HEINZ: My favorite subject is science.

MOORE: My Favorite subject is Math.




HEINZ: Running, reading, spending time with friends and family.

MOORE: My Hobbies include deer hunting, water skiing, basketball, and running

LOKEN: Reading


If you could train with any one person, past or present, who would it be?

HEINZ: I would train with Tori Moore who I currently train with. We complement each other well. She helps me with the distance, and I help her with foot speed.

MOORE: I would want to train with Macy Heinz from Ipswich, who I do train with.

LOKEN: My teammates. I wouldn't want to train with anyone else.