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By Rich Winter

 (Editor's Note: This article was written before the region meets, so take that into account when reading or slamming fist into computer in anger.)    

As the state track meet quickly approaches, the times are getting faster, the distances further and the heights higher. You can expect some quality performances and some gutty responses from these proud South Dakota athletes as they did deeper than you can possibly imagine.

  For those of you in the Class A ranks, the definitive stop on where you need to look for quality photos is

     If ya don't know him, Kernit is one of the premier sports photographers in the state of South Dakota. He will be taking thousands of photos from the state track meet and if you're interested in getting a look at the best of the best, you know where to go.

      So, here it is, you're Class A state track preview.

Class A Boys:

   Team favorites - Custer without a doubt.

  I'm always impressed with the Custer Wildcat track teams. Most championship teams are built through the sprints and the short relays, but Custer builds a team through middle distance and field events.

     By the time the 4x800, 800, 1600, 3200 and medley relays come down, Custer will likely have enough. Toss in some great pole vaulters and discus throwers and you have your 2014 state champions. 

Individual events:

100 meters: I see that 10.4 from Madison's Tyler Anderson and I can't help but think that is slightly wind aided. Anderson's 200 time doesn't stack up so I'm giving the nod as favorite to Zach Schroeder of Dell Rapids. The Dell Rapids kids always show up in the sprints. 

00m Dash - 11.10
1. Anderson, Tayler 10.40 Madison        
2. Schroeder, Zach 10.70 Dell Rapids        
3. Anderuud, Jake 10.90 St. Thomas More        
4. Bares, Brendan 10.90 Bon Homme        
5. Majeres, Cody 10.90 Canton        
6. Wynia, Ty 10.90 Hot Springs        
7. Blosmo, Conner 11.00 Garretson        
8. Esbensen, Mads 11.10 Deubrook Area        
9. Keegan, Alek 11.10 St. Thomas More        
10. Kortan, Chase 11.10 Bon Homme        
11. Van Winkle, Scott 11.10 Bon Homme

200 meters: This could be one of the more interesting races at the state meet. Scott Van Winkle and Schroeder are tied for the fastest time, but there are 21 runners that have broken standard. I'm saying the experience that Dell Rapids has holds out and Schroeder gets the nod at 200 meters also. 

200m Dash - 23.10
1. Van Winkle, Scott 22.10 Bon Homme        
2. Schroeder, Zach 22.20 Dell Rapids        
3. Majeres, Cody 22.30 Canton        
4. Anderson, Tayler 22.40 Madison        
5. Priebe, Hudson 22.40 Chamberlain        
6. Eide, Lance 22.50 Deuel        
7. Larson, Landon 22.50 Groton Area        
8. Wynia, Ty 22.50 Hot Springs        
9. Rechtenbaugh, Jonah 22.60 West Central        
10. DeVries, Dereck 22.70 Lennox

400 meters: Don't know a lot about these guys. I'm guessing the Hudson Priebe of Chamberlain doesn't run this race as he'll be focusing on the 300 hurdles and the 200 and those races are just too close together for him to think about that double. Let's just go with the favorite her and give the Lennox Oriole's speedster, Trey Furgeson the nod. Brennan Witt is a dangerous floater in this field. 

400m Dash - 51.40
1. Furgeson, Trey 50.20 Lennox        
2. Priebe, Hudson 50.20 Chamberlain        
3. Witt, Brennan 50.30 Custer        
4. Scherr, Riley 50.40 St. Thomas More        
5. Schroeder, Zach 50.60 Dell Rapids        
6. Larson, Landon 51.10 Groton Area        
7. Van Winkle, Scott 51.20 Bon Homme        
8. Borah, Austin 51.40 Mobridge-Pollock

800 meters: This is where the points start adding up for Custer. Brennan Witt will defend his title in this race as he's almost three seconds in front of Eric Yager of Hot Springs. Custer will likely use Israel Parsons to anchor the Medley relay in the prelims. I just don't see anyone having the speed or experience to get by Witt in this final. Four kids from Custer in the top ten...WOW!

800m Run - 2:04.40
1. Witt, Brennan 1:56.90 Custer        
2. Yager, Eric 1:59.10 Hot Springs        
3. Glazier, Chase 1:59.30 Custer        
4. Perryman, Blake 2:01.40 Dakota Valley        
5. Yost, Rawson 2:04.00 Clark/Willow Lake        
6. Guse, Reid 2:04.10 Madison        
7. Weddell, Tobias 2:04.10 Todd County        
8. Parsons, Israel 2:04.20 Custer        
9. Vandekamp, Jake 2:04.20 SF Christian        
10. Herman, Shane 2:04.40

1600 meters: Logan Burns of Custer is going to win the 3200 meters. He was dominant in cross country but the 1600 is gonna be a toss up. I'm seeing Eric Yager of Hot Springs winning this race. Yager is a good 800 meter runner and I think that combination of speed and strength puts him on top.  After those top two, I think it will be a battle of the last man standing. I'm expecting Tobias Weddell of Todd County to move up and finish top three as he finally rounds into shape. Cole Sargent of Miller is also a dangerous floater in this race. Custer again picks up a lot of points. 

1600m Run - 4:40.10
1. Burns, Logan 4:33.30 Custer        
2. Yager, Eric 4:35.50 Hot Springs        
3. Perryman, Blake 4:37.40 Dakota Valley        
4. Parsons, Israel 4:37.90 Custer        
5. Sargent, Cole 4:38.00 Miller        
6. Yost, Rawson 4:38.00 Clark/Willow Lake        
7. DeWeerd, Caleb 4:40.00 SF Christian

3200 meters: Are you tired of me talking about Custer yet? Logan Burns is the class of this field, the question is does Yager run this race or the 800 because you can't be great in both. I think after Burns will be Sargent and then pick em. 

3200m Run - 10:27.00
1. Burns, Logan 9:38.50 Custer        
2. Yager, Eric 10:00.10 Hot Springs        
3. Sargent, Cole 10:00.90 Miller        
4. Erickson, Dylan 10:13.00 Flandreau        
5. Julian, Lucas 10:14.50 St. Thomas More        
6. DeWeerd, Caleb 10:20.50 SF Christian        
7. Herman, Shane 10:23.80 Custer        
8. Streff, Hunter 10:24.00 Madison        
9. Dooley, Chance 10:24.30 Custer        
110m Hurdles - 15.70

110 hurdles: The class of the field is Chamberlain hurdler Hudson Priebe. Jumped against his dad, Todd, a few times in high school. Got him once or twice but most of the time I was in the rear view mirror. Priebe won both hurdle events at Howard Wood and he is primed to just kick the crap out of this field. 

110m Hurdles - 15.70
1. Priebe, Hudson 14.40 Chamberlain        
2. Dvorak, Weslee 15.00 Ethan/Parkston        
3. Milne, Rush 15.10 Madison        
4. Schreurs, Austin 15.10 Canton        
5. Reynen, Sam 15.30 Aberdeen Roncalli        
6. Leighton, Hunter 15.40 Sioux Valley        
7. Thomsen, Joel 15.40 Custer        
8. Bodden, Dakota 15.60 Bon Homme    

300 hurdles: Priebe will be so far ahead coming into the stretch. Expect the crowd at Howard Wood to stand up and appreciate one of South Dakota's great athletes. 

300m Hurdles - 42.00
1. Priebe, Hudson 38.70 Chamberlain        
2. Milne, Rush 40.20 Madison        
3. Thomsen, Joel 40.70 Custer        
4. Schreurs, Austin 40.90 Canton        
5. DeVries, Dereck 41.30 Lennox        
6. Reynen, Sam 41.30 Aberdeen Roncalli        
7. Henderson, Evan 41.50 St. Thomas More        
8. Van Winkle, Scott 41.70 Bon Homme        
9. Kother, Luca 41.90 Groton Area

400 relay: Dell Rapids is just too good in the sprint relays. 

400m Relay - 44.90
1. Dell Rapids 43.90          
2. Canton 44.30          
3. St. Thomas More 44.30          
4. Bon Homme 44.40          
5. Madison 44.50          
6. West Central 44.90          
800m Relay - 1:33.20

800 relay: Quarriors threaten the 1:30 mark. 

800m Relay - 1:33.20
1. Dell Rapids 1:31.30          
2. St. Thomas More 1:31.70          
3. Canton 1:31.90          
4. Bon Homme 1:32.20          
5. Madison 1:32.30          
6. Mobridge-Pollock 1:32.70          
7. West Central 1:32.70  

The mile relay: Ahhh, the best relay in sports. The St. Thomas More and Custer boys are both great in this event. Somehow, even though the Custer kids will want to put an exclamation point on the state title with a win in the last event of the meet, I think the STM boys will be fresher and will get er done. 

600m Relay - 3:32.60
1. St. Thomas More 3:29.50          
2. Custer 3:30.00          
3. Bon Homme 3:30.60          
4. Dell Rapids 3:32.10          
5. Mobridge-Pollock 3:32.60  

3200 relay: I will have a heart attack if its not Custer....but sometimes Custer waters down the 4x800 team. I'm smelling an upset here....let's give the nod to SFC. 

3200m Relay - 8:34.50
1. Custer 8:11.20          
2. Sioux Falls Christian 8:24.30          
3. Madison 8:30.00          
4. St. Thomas More 8:32.10          
5. West Central 8:34.10  

     Love this relay: Custer has the fourth best time...I'm picking Custer. 

Medley Relay - 3:47.00
1. Hot Springs 3:40.40          
2. Dell Rapids 3:40.50          
3. Winner 3:43.10          
4. Custer 3:43.50          
5. Lennox 3:45.00          
6. Madison 3:45.10          
7. West Central 3:45.20          
8. Sioux Falls Christian 3:45.50          
9. McCook Central/Montrose 3:45.50          
10. St. Thomas More 3:45.90  

FIELD EVENTS are where the real athletes hang out.

Shot put: Canton's Tyler Lems will throw 55' and win this event. 

Shot Put - 50'01.00"
1. Lems, Tyler 53'06.00" Canton        
2. Jensen, Nick 52'11.00" Vermillion        
3. Jenkins, Tyson 51'10.50" Clark/Willow Lake        
4. Grantham, Brody 50'08.00" Hamlin        
5. Morehead, Zach 50'05.50" Tea Area        
6. Hammer, Ben 50'01.50" Dell Rapids

Discus: Lems gets the double. 

Discus Throw - 151'09.00"
1. Lems, Tyler 171'10.00" Canton        
2. Currey, Tyler 171'07.00" Madison        
3. Lupkes, Jason 162'09.00" Dakota Valley        
4. Davelaar, John 160'09.00" SF Christian        
5. Climenti, Angelo 157'06.00" Custer        
6. Morehead, Zach 153'04.00" Tea Area

      High jump: No outstanding high jumpers in the field. Somehow with Dell Rapids needing points, I see White winning this event. 

High Jump - 6'00.00"
1. Myers, Camden 6'06.00" Ethan/Parkston        
2. White, Zach 6'04.00" Dell Rapids        
3. Bussell, Cody 6'02.00" West Central        
4. Kramer, Collin 6'02.00" Sioux Valley        
5. Leighton, Hunter 6'02.00" Sioux Valley        
6. Lundin, Trevor 6'02.00" Sioux Valley        
7. Vettrus, Noah 6'02.00" West Central        
8. Kasuske, Carter 6'01.00" Madison        
9. Baker, Adam 6'00.00" Custer        
10. Fykstra, Dejay 6'00.00" SF Christian        
11. Kirkebak, Joseph 6'00.00" Beresford        
12. Schmidt, Mason 6'00.00" Dell Rapids        
13. Thurston, Noah 6'00.00" Webster Area

Long jump: Can it be anyone else but Chamberlain's Hudson Priebe. 

Long Jump - 20'06.00"
1. Priebe, Hudson 22'03.00" Chamberlain        
2. Nichols, Bret 21'10.25" Dell Rapids        
3. Anderson, Tayler 21'07.00" Madison        
4. Hoglund, Ty 21'03.75" Dell Rapids        
5. Hill, Jason 21'03.50" Mobridge-Pollock        
6. Kasuske, Carter 21'02.00" Madison        
7. Albrecht, Ephram 20'11.00" Redfield/Doland        
8. Dvorak, Weslee 20'10.00" Ethan/Parkston        
9. Kortan, Chase 20'07.00" Bon Homme        
10. Thurston, Noah 20'06.50" Webster Area

   Triple jump: Quarrior Bret Nichols is the class of the field. 

Triple Jump - 41'11.00"
1. Nichols, Bret 45'10.50" Dell Rapids        
2. Albrecht, Ephram 45'03.50" Redfield/Doland        
3. Hoglund, Ty 42'07.75" Dell Rapids        
4. Ljunggren, Tanner 42'07.75" Dell Rapids

Pole vault: Custer Custer Custer

Pole Vault - 11'03.00"
1. Wahlstrom, Clayton 13'09.00" Custer        
2. DeHaai, Gavin 13'01.00" SF Christian        
3. Van Winkle, Scott 12'10.25" Bon Homme        
4. Sigdestad, David 12'03.00" Custer        
5. Cox, Colton 12'00.00" Aberdeen Roncalli        
6. Andera, Anthony 11'09.00" Aberdeen Roncalli        
7. Rogers, Jett 11'09.00" Lead-Deadwood

    Kids and parents of Class A athletes: is where you will want to go to find the premier track photos in the state of South Dakota. 

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