Freeman's Brennan Schmidt is Dominating the 100m-800m in Class B

In case you haven't noticed, Freeman's Brennan Schmidt is already in the 48's for 400 Meters (48.5h) and is ranked #1 in all of the Class B events 100-800m.

Photo via Yankton P&D

Class B Boys

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100m Dash - 11.20
1.Schmidt, Brennan10.90Freeman
2.Tilton, Austin11.00Corsica/Stickney
3.Clark, Sam11.10Baltic
4.Greenhoff, Riley11.10Chester Area
5.Gibbs, Lincoln11.20Langford Area
6.Koch, Brandon11.20New Underwood
7.Leader Charge, Russell11.20White River
8.Muzik, Danny11.20Wall
9.Row, Austin11.20Baltic
10.Tuszka, Derrek11.20Warner
200m Dash - 23.60
1.Schmidt, Brennan22.50Freeman
2.Buer, Cole23.40Bison
3.Cropsey, Korder23.40Lyman
4.Buer, Cody23.50Bison
5.Row, Austin23.50Baltic
6.Clark, Sam23.60Baltic
7.Guptill, Paul23.60Philip
8.Tuszka, Derrek23.60Warner
400m Dash - 51.90
1.Schmidt, Brennan48.50Freeman
800m Run - 2:04.60
1.Schmidt, Brennan2:00.10Freeman
2.Hansen, Logan2:01.40Viborg-Hurley