2015 Class AA Boys Cross Country Projections

Based off of 2014 season bests, here are your 2015 Class AA Boys Individual and Team Cross Country projections. 

Photo by Kernit Grimshaw

Championship Meet - 18 Teams

1Gabe Peters10Sioux Falls Lincoln High School15:55.091
2Dan Armstrong11Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School16:21.362
3Jakob Hanna10Brandon Valley High School16:29.183
4Dale Loudon11Sioux Falls Lincoln High School16:29.304
5Jebben Keyes11Pierre TF Riggs16:35.755
6Alexander Auch10Harrisburg High School16:44.096
7Ray Munsterman11Brookings High School16:44.407
8Andrew Cottier10Rapid City Central High School16:46.148
9Seth Iverson10Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School16:46.419
10Tristan Christoffer10Rapid City Stevens High School16:50.2210
11Jacob Hegland11Brandon Valley High School16:53.6211
12Alex Tiede11Aberdeen Central High School16:59.2212
13Thane Hein10Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School16:59.4213
14Tiegen Lindner11Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School17:10.6014
15Tristan Deming10Rapid City Central High School17:11.3015
16Davis Johnson10Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School17:12.5216
17Graham Dehaven11Brookings High School17:14.3117
18Mike Rynearson11Brookings High School17:15.4018
19Seth McKinley11Pierre TF Riggs17:23.0419
20Preston Knobloch10Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School17:24.0020
21Riley Cowins11Mitchell High School17:24.5221
22Josh Getting11Brookings High School17:24.8522
23Justin Harris11Spearfish High School17:25.7023
24Gabe Syhre9Watertown High School17:27.2324
25John Olson11Brookings High School17:37.6025
26Henry Klitzke10Sioux Falls Lincoln High School17:40.9026
27Josh Goehring11Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School17:45.3027
28Ryan Westendorf11Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School17:45.5028
29Gabe Dannenbring11Yankton High School17:46.8329
30Zach Lanier10Harrisburg High School17:47.3030
31Jackson Harrison8Aberdeen Central High School17:47.5631
32Brady Jaquith9Yankton High School17:48.7332
33Andrew Peitz11Yankton High School17:48.8633
34Sam Gusso11Yankton High School17:49.6634
35Nathan Zimmerman8Yankton High School17:49.9835
36Jack Wollman11Pierre TF Riggs17:50.0536
37Dillon Bollinger10Watertown High School17:50.2437
38Caleb Larson11Mitchell High School17:51.3038
39Blake Chesley10Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School17:52.6239
40Zack Vancas11Rapid City Stevens High School17:53.7040
41Matt Parker10Spearfish High School17:55.0541
42Taran Vollmer11Rapid City Central High School17:55.3042
43Porter Jones10Pierre TF Riggs17:55.4043
44Tod Stephens9Rapid City Central High School17:55.7844
45Jared Schroeder9Sioux Falls Lincoln High School17:56.1045
46Logan Broeder10Spearfish High School17:57.2746
47Will Johnson10Harrisburg High School17:58.5947
48Trace Dobson10Sioux Falls Lincoln High School18:00.5748
49Nick Looby11Rapid City Stevens High School18:04.2049
50Dillon Drew9Rapid City Stevens High School18:04.3450
51Cole Brown11Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School18:04.9051
52Rudy Lawler10Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School18:11.6452
53Max Wilde9Brandon Valley High School18:11.9853
54Ryan Mikkelsen11Pierre TF Riggs18:15.1054
55Spencer Delange10Sioux Falls Washington High School18:15.2055
56Cole Edwards11Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School18:15.4056
57Ike Mendel10Sioux Falls Lincoln High School18:15.9957
58Daniel Velazquez9Rapid City Stevens High School18:19.8058
59Albert Williams9Rapid City Central High School18:21.2559
60Anders Enevoldsen9Rapid City Stevens High School18:24.1960
61Nick Rudnick10Brookings High School18:24.6361
62Caleb Lusk9Pierre TF Riggs18:25.3262
63Olie Medrano9Harrisburg High School18:28.4563
64Jon Fisk11Aberdeen Central High School18:29.5164
65Brady Bollinger10Watertown High School18:31.2465
66Henry Garcia9Rapid City Central High School18:31.3666
67Matt Hovdenes11Spearfish High School18:36.8567
68Nick Mahowald11Pierre TF Riggs18:38.0068
69Alex Fiegen10Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School18:39.10--
70Greg Opdahl10Brookings High School18:39.3769
71Shane Ritter9Aberdeen Central High School18:40.8270
72Josh Moore11Aberdeen Central High School18:45.7771
73Eli Cheever7Brandon Valley High School18:46.2672
74Taylor Suhr11Harrisburg High School18:49.4673
75Aaron Tindall9Rapid City Stevens High School18:52.2174
76Solomon Bach8Watertown High School18:52.7975
77Kerry Mcdaniel11Douglas High School18:55.7376
78Jay Dykstra9Rapid City Stevens High School18:57.00--
79Nick Rovang11Sioux Falls Washington High School18:57.3077
80Brenden Corbett10Huron High School18:57.8078
81Zach Relf10Sturgis Brown High School18:57.95--
82Cetan Big Crow9Rapid City Central High School18:58.1079
83Tj Ripperda9Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School19:02.3080
84Griffin Metz11Sioux Falls Lincoln High School19:03.0081
85Oscar Kavanagh9Brookings High School19:04.27--
86Tanner Brown10Harrisburg High School19:04.9882
87Jim Barnett11Pierre TF Riggs19:07.20--
88Evan Papka9Harrisburg High School19:08.6183
89Hunter Kahler9Rapid City Stevens High School19:10.38--
90Justin Nixon11Brookings High School19:12.70--
91Chauncy Goethels11Aberdeen Central High School19:13.0084
92Caleb Lee8Mitchell High School19:14.5985
93Connor Whitney11Rapid City Stevens High School19:16.30--
94Coby Lee11Mitchell High School19:18.2886
95Colewyn Knoblich11Sioux Falls Washington High School19:20.0087
96Lincoln Megard11Yankton High School19:20.6188
97River Bourne10Sioux Falls Lincoln High School19:21.30--
98Joseph Kelly11Yankton High School19:22.2289
99Luke Jacobs7Aberdeen Central High School19:25.0090
100Ryan Chase11Huron High School19:30.8291
101Clayton Tumas10Rapid City Central High School19:30.98--
102Landon Claeys10Huron High School19:32.0992
103Eric Pedersen11Brookings High School19:34.49--
104Aydan Palmquist10Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School19:37.9093
105Christian Nacy10Brandon Valley High School19:39.0094
106Ethan Crouch11Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School19:43.90--
107Isaac Smith11Sioux Falls Washington High School19:45.8095
108Anthony Jones9Douglas High School19:47.8196
109Rusty Munsen10Mitchell High School19:48.4897
110Frank Hines8Huron High School19:55.9898
111Levi Brown11Rapid City Stevens High School19:58.00--
112Gage Nelson9Mitchell High School19:59.8899
113Orin Blackspottedh10Sioux Falls Lincoln High School20:00.60--
114Josh Schumacher9Rapid City Stevens High School20:07.63--
115Eli Mines9Rapid City Stevens High School20:08.23--
116Evan Talcott8Brandon Valley High School20:08.50100
117Zayn Snyder11Pierre TF Riggs20:13.10--
118John Schueller11Pierre TF Riggs20:14.01--
119Colton Levitt11Sioux Falls Washington High School20:37.00101
120Connor Campbell10Pierre TF Riggs20:42.41--
121Noah Lindskov10Douglas High School20:45.57102
122Austin Lentsch11Pierre TF Riggs20:46.30--
123Mckenzie Brown Otter11Rapid City Stevens High School20:53.70--
124Austin Hochhalter11Brandon Valley High School20:55.00103
125Carter Holm10Brookings High School20:57.68--
126Jake Person9Rapid City Stevens High School21:00.22--
127Josh Loecker10Mitchell High School21:04.00104
128Ethan Stebbins9Douglas High School21:06.67105
129Evan Alwin11Watertown High School21:07.60106
130Gavin Salonen11Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School21:08.60--
131Schuyler Devries9Sioux Falls Washington High School21:09.80107
132Jacob Wehde8Huron High School21:09.81108
133Rylie Shull9Douglas High School21:15.45109
134Brad Gingles11Brandon Valley High School21:23.70--
135Seth Snyder11Pierre TF Riggs21:27.67--
136Trevor Johnston9Rapid City Stevens High School21:29.17--
137Tyrese Theus8Huron High School21:31.72110
138Garet Wilson-Reihe8Watertown High School21:32.00111
139Nicholas Walters10Douglas High School21:41.62112
140Dylan Blomme11Rapid City Central High School21:46.15--
141Luke Loberg9Rapid City Stevens High School21:53.90--
142Seth Meyers11Brandon Valley High School22:03.40--
143Chuck Laroche11Sturgis Brown High School22:17.38--
144John Nickel11Rapid City Central High School22:21.48--
145Brock Mulvehill9Douglas High School22:27.05113
146John Jefferson11Douglas High School22:31.30--
147Austin Weiss11Pierre TF Riggs22:43.46--
148Cody Cline9Sturgis Brown High School22:52.08--
149Liam Schneider10Sioux Falls Washington High School22:56.10114
150Drake Shimitz11Sioux Falls Washington High School23:00.40--
151Anthony Jones9Douglas High School23:00.61--
152Chase Duffy10Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School23:11.00--
153Steven Glasford10Spearfish High School23:42.14115

Championship Meet - 18 Teams Team Scores

1Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School6729131627--
2Brookings High School89717182225--
3Sioux Falls Lincoln High School12414264548--
4Pierre TF Riggs157519364354--
5Yankton High School1632932333435--
6Rapid City Central High School168815424459--
7Sioux Falls O'Gorman High School1701420285256--
8Rapid City Stevens High School2071040495058--
9Harrisburg High School219630476373--
10Brandon Valley High School233311537294--
11Aberdeen Central High School2481231647071--
12Spearfish High School29223414667115--
13Watertown High School30724376575106--
14Mitchell High School3272138858697--
15Sioux Falls Washington High School41555778795101--
16Huron High School46778919298108--
17Douglas High School4887696102105109--
--Sturgis Brown High SchoolNTS