2015 Class A Boys Cross Country Projections

<p> 2015 South Dakota Cross Country Projections by classification.&nbsp;</p>

Here they are: the 2015 Class A Boys Cross Country Projections, which are based off times in the MileSplit database from the 2014 Cross Country season. 

Early team scores have West Central and Sioux Falls Christian way ahead of the pack with Madison, Lennox, Custer, Beresford, Miller and St. Thomas More rounding out the Top 8. 

Individually, Lucas Julian (STM), Cole Sargent (Miller), Chance Dooley (Custer), Caleb DeWeerd (SFC) and Derek Peters (West Central) are the Top 5 returnees from 2014 according to times from throughout the season. 

Photo: Chance Dooley (Custer) by Kernit Grimshaw

Championship Meet - 55 Teams

1Luke Julian10St. Thomas More High School15:51.551
2Cole Sargent10Miller Area High School16:13.002
3Chance Dooley11Custer High School16:14.203
4Caleb Deweerd10Sioux Falls Christian16:154
5Derick Peters9West Central High School16:17.395
6Dylan Erickson11Flandreau High School16:346
7Ryan Titus11West Central High School16:35.607
8Tristan Old Horse10Hot Springs High School16:39.018
9Evan Fick11Garretson High School16:41.12--
10Lance Van Zee9Sioux Falls Christian16:47.559
11Ethan YoungBird11Flandreau Indian16:49.25--
12Ty Trainor9St. Thomas More High School16:52.2710
13Hunter Streff11Madison High School16:53.1111
14Cooper Hitt9Sioux Falls Christian16:57.1612
15Alec Atwood8Beresford High School16:57.8313
16Jack Fast Wolf11Red Cloud Indian School16:59.8614
17Braden Peters8West Central High School17:00.0415
18Josh Powell10Garretson High School17:00.76--
19Gabe Smith11West Central High School17:01.0016
20Trey Waldrop11Miller Area High School17:06.0017
21Benjamin Miles11West Central High School17:13.3918
22Mitchell Peters11Lennox High School17:13.8319
23Taylor Otheim11West Central High School17:17.4520
24Ethan Hatch10Madison High School17:22.4121
25Shane Ensz11West Central High School17:25.98--
26John Hacker10Todd County High School17:26.9822
27Brendan Langbehn10Lennox High School17:30.7523
28Dylan Tobacco11Red Cloud Indian School17:31.2224
29Bradan Phelps11Tea Area High School17:33.51--
30Charlie Long11Dakota Valley High School17:35.9425
31Conner Watley9Sioux Falls Christian17:37.0226
32Trevor Hinderaker11Deubrook Area High School17:37.53--
33Donald Aquallo9Todd County High School17:44.0027
34Conner Vander Haar8Sioux Falls Christian17:44.3328
35Anthony Julson11Flandreau High School17:45.0329
36Travis Sun Bear10Todd County High School17:48.0030
37Lance Vanzee9Sioux Falls Christian17:48.0031
38Noah Knapp9Aberdeen Roncalli High School17:51.00--
39Chase Otheim9West Central High School17:51.79--
40Tucker Murtha9Ethan-Parkston High School17:52.06--
41Bailey Auen8Sioux Falls Christian17:52.6--
42Noah Comes Flying11Crow Creek High School17:53.00--
43Asher Wahl11West Central High School17:57.70--
44Jonah Murtha10Ethan-Parkston High School17:57.80--
45Mike Erlandson11Beresford High School17:58.5332
46Jacob Landon11Lennox High School17:58.7133
47Parson Covington8Vermillion High School17:59.3934
48Clapper Vince11Sioux Falls Christian18:01.63--
49Edwin Iraheta11Madison High School18:02.3635
50Garrett Hubbell11Madison High School18:02.5336
51Tanner Hohn10Ethan-Parkston High School18:02.85--
52Chase Boltz9St. Francis Indian School18:03.00--
53Max Osterling10Custer High School18:05.7737
54Adam Nelson10Hot Springs High School18:11.0138
55Patrick Witt11Custer High School18:11.3439
56Zach Reitsma10Sioux Falls Christian18:12.50--
57Caleb Kirschenmann9Dell Rapids High School18:13.3040
58Hunter Russell9Miller Area High School18:14.0041
59Ben Wahlstrom9Custer High School18:14.4842
60Tadan Wilson9Lennox High School18:16.7143
61Justin Sorensen8Vermillion High School18:17.5644
62Jakob Limmer9Beresford High School18:18.3645
63Cole Homandberg10Beresford High School18:20.1646
64Tyler Cottier8Pine Ridge18:20.9747
65Jacob Lopez11Chamberlain High School18:22.00--
66Jordan Bauer11Webster Area18:22.3048
67Timothy Peterson10Beresford High School18:23.5749
68Tanner Steineke11West Central High School18:23.76--
69Caleb McNeil11Redfield / Dolan High School18:24.02--
70Carson Ulrich10West Central High School18:24.19--
71Trey Cosato10Redfield / Dolan High School18:26.24--
72Brett Mogen11Dell Rapids High School18:26.8450
73Collin Reitsma8Sioux Falls Christian18:30.70--
74Elijah Brown Wolf11Cheyenne Eagle Butte High School18:33.00--
75Jacob Fitzgerald11Garretson High School18:34.03--
76Riley Twedt10Beresford High School18:34.6251
77Jacob Huber11Canton High School18:34.97--
78Ted Delange11Dell Rapids High School18:37.9452
79Aaron Jacobs10Mobridge - Pollock18:38.00--
80Dylan Colt10Elk Point-Jefferson High School18:39.3053
81William Geyer11Aberdeen Roncalli High School18:41.15--
82Alex Leschisin10Webster Area18:42.9054
83Joshua Stanley9Hot Springs High School18:42.9055
84Jarek Glenn7St. Thomas More High School18:46.0556
85Connor Spinar10Mt. Vernon/Plankinton High School18:47.00--
86Evan Baumberger11Chester Area High School18:48.50--
87Joe Graves7Dakota Valley High School18:49.6957
88Brenick Root7Hot Springs High School18:51.3758
89Trey Hage9Vermillion High School18:52.3059
90Trevor Bertram10Winner High School18:54.00--
91Angel Old Horse9Little Wound School18:54.2360
92Logan Block9Custer High School18:56.9261
93Justin Jacobs10Mobridge - Pollock19:03.20--
94Matthew Toso9Canton High School19:04.33--
95Cooper Benning8Lennox High School19:04.9162
96Ben Hobbie9Flandreau High School19:05.0063
97Jon Green10Dakota Valley High School19:09.8064
98Peyton Heins9Tea Area High School19:12.32--
99Zach Jordan8Redfield / Dolan High School19:13.90--
100Jacob Carter10Deuel High School19:14.00--
101Carter Ulrich9West Central High School19:16.20--
102Jeremiah Whalen8Red Cloud Indian School19:22.2665
103Ty Dunse10Webster Area19:26.3766
104Connor Fischer9Webster Area19:26.5067
105Derek Ahlers9Dell Rapids High School19:27.0668
106Jayden Burggraff10Tri-Valley High School19:28.4069
107Dominic Holmes11Dell Rapids High School19:29.9170
108Corey Hockenbary10Belle Fourche High School19:30.75--
109Ben Finnegan8Vermillion High School19:31.4971
110Drew Hanson8Hill City High School19:31.52--
111Garret Miller11Hot Springs High School19:31.7572
112Elias Magilke9Milbank High School19:33.8073
113Henry Jensen8Dakota Valley High School19:34.9174
114Michael Nieland10Sisseton19:35.00--
115Nate Klinnert9Bon Homme High School19:35.60--
116Dakota Galt10Beresford High School19:38.00--
117Dylan Johnson11Milbank High School19:39.1575
118George Kills Back8Little Wound School19:44.2376
119Jc Foreman10Miller Area High School19:46.0077
120Jacob Geary11Tri-Valley High School19:50.2078
121Josh Pillatzki11Milbank High School19:50.2079
122Sam Osborn9Lennox High School19:51.8680
123Jeremy Cook11Tiospa Zina19:54.60--
124Ryan Krump11St. Thomas More High School19:56.4281
125Zach Brown10Chester Area High School19:59.40--
126Tyler Kennendy9Dakota Valley High School19:59.6182
127Grant Winter11Winner High School20:00.00--
128Colin Ferri8Canton High School20:01.09--
129Chris Begeman11Bennett County High School20:01.31--
130Sean Callghan8Dakota Valley High School20:08.9083
131Lucas Trooien9Sioux Valley High School20:09.6084
132Cole Nachtigal9Platte-Geddes High School20:10.20--
133Nolan McQuistan11Vermillion High School20:11.4085
134Jayden Hortness10Webster Area20:12.1486
135Jakob Eng10Sioux Valley High School20:15.3087
136Kaiden Dorris11Madison High School20:16.1088
137Jacquin Geary10Tri-Valley High School20:17.2789
138Galen Ross11Flandreau Indian20:19.66--
139Ryan Butzke11McCook Central/Montrose High School20:21.00--
140Collin VanderWal11Sioux Valley High School20:21.7090
141Kody Johnson10Milbank High School20:24.8391
142Donald Brave11Red Cloud Indian School20:24.9292
143Jacob Rosales10Red Cloud Indian School20:26.3993
144Landon Smith8Vermillion High School20:27.8794
145Stas Sutera10Bon Homme High School20:32.00--
146John Ladeaux11Pine Ridge20:38.3495
147Kellyn March7Beresford High School20:39.00--
148Jordan Sanders10Tri-Valley High School20:44.5096
149Anton Hejna9Bon Homme High School20:48.00--
150Samuel Miller10Tea Area High School20:51.85--
151Howard Cordier8St. Francis Indian School20:53.00--
152Eric Narveson10Sioux Valley High School20:56.8097
153Andrew Julson9Flandreau High School20:59.0098
154Jarod Severson10Platte-Geddes High School21:00.00--
155Kyle Ewalt10Webster Area21:01.0899
156Adam Lays Hard8Little Wound School21:01.36100
157Elijah Heiberger10Tri-Valley High School21:01.60101
158Blake McNaught8Belle Fourche High School21:03.26--
159Tyler Develder8Vermillion High School21:05.80--
160Braydin Eastman10Belle Fourche High School21:07.78--
161Bengt Symsted11Hot Springs High School21:12.04102
162Devin O'Neill9Vermillion High School21:19.30--
163Jason Cook9Dell Rapids High School21:22.89103
164Servet Long Soldier9Little Wound School21:24.51104
165Lucas Smith10Groton Area High School21:38.00--
166Cordell Sweeney10Vermillion High School21:43.65--
167Brendan Bad Hand11St. Francis Indian School21:45.00--
168Sam Nelson9Beresford High School21:45.00--
169Brandon O'Connell10Beresford High School21:51.00--
170Brady Bosse10Elk Point-Jefferson High School21:54.00105
171Trystan Olbertson9Beresford High School21:55.00--
172Jacob Steckelberg11Chamberlain High School21:57.00--
173Jared Messersmith9Dakota Valley High School22:00.00--
174Will Schaefbauer9Aberdeen Roncalli High School22:04.00--
175Jordan Poignee11Todd County High School22:05.00106
176Seamus Donelan10Madison High School22:06.60107
177Christain Smith11Elk Point-Jefferson High School22:10.00108
178Sean Maher11St. Thomas More High School22:14.36109
179Chase Olsen9Dakota Valley High School22:16.00--
180Logan Wadley8Vermillion High School22:18.00--
181Aiden Vick9Dakota Valley High School22:22.00--
182Cordell Giese11Deuel High School22:23.00--
183Aaron Koupal10Elk Point-Jefferson High School22:30.69110
184Antwan Bull Bear10Little Wound School22:37.95111
185Wade Bettelyoun11Bennett County High School22:43.14--
186Chance YellowBoy7Little Wound School23:08.27112
187Sam Eliason11Madison High School23:08.80--
188Steve Bad Milk11Pine Ridge23:19.81113
189Tayt Vincent10Sioux Valley High School23:25.30114
190Mason Runia8Sioux Falls Christian23:37.40--
191Tahlee Tabaha11Flandreau Indian23:37.74--
192Josh Midland9Dakota Valley High School23:50.00--
193Cody Bevers9Miller Area High School23:59.00115
194Dylan Hope11Sioux Valley High School24:06.20116
195Kolton Kirbell10Beresford High School24:13.00--
196Nicholas Pack10Beresford High School24:14.00--
197Josh Wiesbrod9Clark/Willow Lake High School24:14.60--
198Tunweya Weller10Pine Ridge25:13.31117
199Caleb Weiland7Beresford High School25:46.00--
200Conner Thaler8Beresford High School26:07.00--
201Matthew Hoffman7Beresford High School26:24.00--
202Eric Nelson9Elk Point-Jefferson High School26:51.00118
203Austin Tjaden7Beresford High School27:28.00--
204Caleb Kaul9Sioux Falls Christian27:51.50--
205Tristan Fischer7Beresford High School27:58.00--
206Carter Johnke10Beresford High School28:47.00--
207Riley Van Den Top7Sioux Falls Christian31:19.70--
208Carson Johnsen7Beresford High School32:51.00--
209Brian Klarenbeek9Beresford High School33:28.00--

Championship Meet - 55 Teams Team Scores

1West Central High School43571516--
2Sioux Falls Christian51491226--
3Madison High School10311213536--
4Lennox High School11819233343--
5Custer High School1213373942--
6Beresford High School13613324546--
7Miller Area High School1372174177--
8St. Thomas More High School1481105681--
9Hot Springs High School1598385558--
10Todd County High School185222730106--
11Red Cloud Indian School19514246592--
12Flandreau High School1966296398--
13Vermillion High School20834445971--
14Dell Rapids High School21040505268--
15Dakota Valley High School22025576474--
16Webster Area23548546667--
17Milbank High School31873757991--
18Tri-Valley High School33269788996--
19Little Wound School3406076100104--
20Sioux Valley High School35884879097--
21Pine Ridge3724795113117--
22Elk Point-Jefferson High School37653105108110--